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Web Links

To help support the teaching of Economics in the Mathematics classroom, we've compiled a list of supporting web links.

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Check out these links on the teaching of mathematics and economics.

It All Adds Up
Learn more about managing credit, budgeting, decision making, and paying for college through a series of 5 online activities.

Math & Economics
The Learning Network has developed lesson plan units that use recent New York Times articles as springboards for examining important curricular topics in interesting and exciting ways.

Economics: Applying Math to Real-World Problems
This is an article that Susan Athey, Research Associate in the Department of Economics at Stanford University wrote for Imagine, a magazine aimed at gifted high school students, entitled: "Economics:Applying Math to Real-World Problems."


Print Reference
The following links are found in the print materials.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis : CPI Calculator
The CPI Calculator at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis web site is referenced in Lesson 4. The site that is listed in the print materials has changed to this new address.
This link found on page(s): 46, 48



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