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6-8th grade materials were
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Why do I have to learn this stuff?

Designed to help math teachers answer the proverbial question "Why do I have to learn this stuff?" Mathematics & Economics: Connections for Life for grades 6-8 is a set of 12 lessons showing how mathematical processes and concepts can be used to equate classroom learning with "real world" situations through the use of economic and personal finance applications.

This web site has several resources that support the print materials, including:

  • Lesson Finder - Locate lessons in the print materials that best fit your needs.
  • Interactives - Engage students in the lessons using interactive exercises.
  • Web Links - Explore related Mathematics and Economics resources as well as online lessons.
  • Workshops - Attend a Mathematics and Economics workshop in your area to learn more about implementing these materials.

In addition, you'll find detailed information about the print materials at this web site.

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